Mukesh Kumar

About Us

Established in the year 2009 with a focus on coaching students for competitive entrance exams, today Bhavya Classes is one of the most prominent brand in supplementary Education industry in Bihar.

With a legacy of superior innovation coaching products which reflects in consistent high performance of students, Bhavya Classes has carved an enduring niche for itself in the Engineering & Medical entrance test-prep. segment. Focus on R & D to develop innovation learning solution is an organization passion.

While embarking on a life-altering journey with students, Bhavya Classes remains committed to its mission of serving ever evolving educational needs committed to its mission of serving ever evolving educational needs, sowing seeds of learning and giving flight to dreams

A Message From Director Desk

We thank you for the faith and interest that you have bestowed in BHAVYA CLASSES. The main aim for the creation of this institute is to provide the best in terms of preparation for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced)/NEET & AIIMS / BOARD Examinations. We wish to share a few thoughts that will give you concrete answers to the questions regarding IIT-JEE / NEET/ BOARD EXAMS.

If you are dreaming to an Engineer or Doctor you need to be disciplined. committed, courageous, dynamic and Confident, Plan your career without wasting even a single day. This is the golden time to shape your future and set top priority to your goal. Your target should be clear in your mind. So, get started now and focus on your preparation.

The Path is clear in our mind and we will work very hard together to achieve this goal, The expectation from you is that you will do your best in upcoming times. we promise that we will do our best to help you reach your dream. We will change your dream into reality by systematically unfolding your true potential. We will enhance your skills to make your reflexes sharp and accurate to make you a winning entity.

What you learn at BHAVYA CLASSES is highly relevant. We ensure every element of excellence in our faculty and best possible standards of qualitative education. We have an advanced team of faculty members with emense knowledge and experiences. Their cutting-edge knowledge comes alive in the classroom which you will find through your close association with us.

We run motivational sessions so that you are always at your best. While preparing you, we will equip you with the in-depth knowledge and insight, clear concepts, proper skills, high level of confidence, proper mind-set, strong will power and the will to succeed. We are crystal-clear about our unending services to the enrolled students.

Invitation for parents: We invite you to be an active partner with “BHAVYA CLASSES” to make your child’s dream come true. We will interact with you very closely, furnishing you with all relevant information, update you with the progress of your child, etc. We hope you will welcome our initiatives and respond with great enthusiasm. Nothing would make us happier than seeing you with pride when your child achieves his goal.

We hope joining at “BHAVYA CLASSES” will be the wisest decision of your life. “BHAVYA CLASSES” will be the safest path to follow and feel proud rather than taking risk to trying other institute. We put our heart and soul in making students target achieve by systematic, well-planned and focused guidance.